Bernie Amero ’70: Paying It Forward

 Bernie AmeroBernie Amero earned his chemistry degree from Providence College in 1970. But for Amero, his love for PC did not end at graduation. Over the last five decades, whenever he was driving home to Medford, Massachusetts, he would stop to visit his beloved campus and see how it was flourishing.

The College’s rigorous curriculum, combined with hands-on experimental work in the chemistry laboratory and Amero’s natural inquisitiveness and talents, proved to be the cornerstone for a fruitful and diverse career. Former chemistry professor Ted Galkowski recognized Amero’s potential early-on and encouraged him to apply to Ohio State University’s prestigious chemistry graduate program, a top-ten Ph.D. program in the nation at that time. Consequently, Amero became the first Providence College graduate accepted into the program, where he was fast-tracked into the doctoral program. Amero is forever grateful for Galkowski’s life-enriching advice.

Bernie also credits PC’s liberal arts education for his strong critical thinking skills and moral foundation. Rev. Walter Heath, O.P., Amero’s philosophy professor, instilled in him the conviction that “the means must always justify the end.” Amero came to understand that diligent, deliberate work towards a goal, rather than expediency, is important. He learned to “see his place in the world” and how he could harmoniously apply the skills he gained at Providence College to make meaningful and fulfilling contributions to society.

By including provisions in their wills to establish the Dr. Bernard Amero and Anthony Serratore Endowed Scholarship Fund at Providence College, Amero and Serratore are securing Amero’s legacy at PC while making higher education accessible for future Friars. The scholarship will support students with financial need who are majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. With this planned gift, they are giving back to the College that helped shape who Amero is today and “paying forward” the academic and spiritual education he received as an undergraduate.

After enjoying a 25-year-long career in the paper industry, Bernie retired at 52—enjoying a cross-country road trip before settling in Florida. He continues to be a lifelong learner and enjoys living in the moment—stopping now and then to smell the roses. This generous planned gift will reduce the burden of the cost of education for students so that they, too, can stop and smell the roses and take full advantage of the PC experience as undergraduates.

On behalf of the future Friars who will benefit one day from this important scholarship at PC, thank you.

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