A Love Affair With Providence College — Honoring Fay Rozovsky, J.D. ’73, ’08 Hon.

Fay RozovskyFay A. Rozovsky, J.D. ’73, ’08Hon. gave to Providence College throughout her lifetime, as one of the first women to attend the college when it became coeducational in 1971, as the mother of two alumni, Joshua Rozovsky ’06SCE and Rabbi Aaron Rozovsky ’08, and as vice president and president of the National Alumni Association from 2009-12.

With a law degree from Boston College and a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University, Mrs. Rozovsky, who died on March 4, 2020, was an expert on informed consent, the principle in medical ethics and law that patients should have sufficient information before making decisions about their medical care. Her articles on the subject have been cited in Supreme Court decisions in the United States and Canada.

Mrs. Rozovsky’s impact on PC continues even after death. Because she left a charitable bequest to PC as part of her estate plan, the college received more than $300,000 to be distributed equally among three scholarship funds and one college program — the Fay A. Rozovsky Scholarship Fund and the Ann M. Frank Scholarship Fund, established by her parents; the Father John Peterson Scholarship Fund; and the college’s Jewish Catholic Theological Exchange.

“She loved her adopted Friar family the way she did our own, by giving of herself,” said her sister, Ann Frank Goldstein ’75.

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